Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Turkey, A Land of Contrasts

I have often called Turkey "The Other Holy Land", because there are still many places, especially in rural areas, where life has not much changed since biblical times.  "Shephards in the fields abiding...."

Donkeys as a means of travel and transportation:


Communal Wells and Bake ovens in the villages


Yet, in cities like Izmir and Instanbul with their  streamlined banking, communication networks, dress styles and urban modernity, transportation and shopping centers, life is as cutting-edge modern as in any other world city.



That is the enigma and fascination of Turkey and there is no really no other way to discover the magic of this country than to live and experience it than to live it.  Home exchange offers that incredible opportunity.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Split-Personality that is Modern Turkey

Having just returned from Turkey, I am trying to figure out what is happening in this beautiful, historic country with its incredibly hospitable and friendly people.  This is a billboard I saw in Bodrum....

and this image was was captured on a ferry boat in Istanbul....


The contrast is, both, startling and interesting......


Ten years ago, when we visited this country, the lines were already slowly being drawn between the secular and conservative/religious elements.  Today, those lines appear have been chiseled into stone as the country has grown, both, more secular and more conservative at the same time.  In my next blog postings, I will be showing this dichotemy as it is being manifested in numerous ways and invite others interested in this discussion to participate.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Street Photography

I enjoy street photography, catching people in their unguarded moments so that they will tell us something that is unique and special about the world in which they live, work and play. This image of a shoe-shiner having a nap was captured on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey.