Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Turkey, A Land of Contrasts

I have often called Turkey "The Other Holy Land", because there are still many places, especially in rural areas, where life has not much changed since biblical times.  "Shephards in the fields abiding...."

Donkeys as a means of travel and transportation:


Communal Wells and Bake ovens in the villages


Yet, in cities like Izmir and Instanbul with their  streamlined banking, communication networks, dress styles and urban modernity, transportation and shopping centers, life is as cutting-edge modern as in any other world city.



That is the enigma and fascination of Turkey and there is no really no other way to discover the magic of this country than to live and experience it than to live it.  Home exchange offers that incredible opportunity.


  1. I visited Turkey (Iznik and Istanbul) last April; not home-exchange, but to take part in an Esperanto meeting. Our hosts showed us many things that we would not have seen as ordinary tourists. Amongst other things we saw an oven similar to the one you photographed in a remote village

  2. That's interesting - did not realize that Esperanto is still being pursued as a universal language - Hope you get back to Turkey again