Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Travel Club Experience

We have just returned from a wonderful 4 day stay in San Francisco with a couple who belong to the Affordable Travel Club but whom we had never met before.  Today we call them "friends".   One of the most common questions asked by doubters is "How can you trust a total stranger you have never met before in your home?"   Our hosts in San Francisco had no such qualms.  Although they both work and would not be arriving home till early evening, they left the key and allowed us to enter their home and leave our suitcases before returning to the city for sightseeing.  We were perfect strangers to them and yet they trusted us implicitly.  That is what the Affordable Travel Club is all about:  trust and have that trust returned.  We spent the next four days sight-seeing and exploring this marvellous city, returning in the evening and chatting about our experiences,  waking up the next day to a wonderful breakfast and sitting around the table chatting about this and that and discovering how much we had in common.


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