Sunday, April 3, 2011

Affordable Travel in Australia

While visiting our daughter and her family in Melbourne, we decided on a one week trip to Adelaide in the state of South Australia, giving us a wonderful opportunity to visit the city of Adelaide and explore the vineyards of the Barossa Valley, famous for their wonderfull shirazWe had arranged to stay with two families, two nights  in Adelaide and two nights in the Barossa Valley,  as members of the Affordable Travel ClubThe first stopover was disappointing.  While our hosts were gracious and hospitable, their home premises were anything but clean.  In fact, after our first night stay, we wondered if we should stay a second night.  However, the next stopover was totally different:  not only were our hosts friendly and accommodating, their home was impeccably clean. Our first experience, thankfully, is an exception.  Friends of ours, recently spent a month in Australia as participants in the Affordable Travel Club and came away with glowing reports of the experience.  We continued our trip to Kangaroo Island where we enjoyed the wonderful scenery and wildlife

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