Sunday, April 10, 2011

Traveling affordably in Australia

As part of our trip through the state of South Australia, we had arranged to stay for 4 nights with 2 couples who are members of The Affordable Travel Club.   The first two nights stayed in the city of Adelaide.  When we arrived in the late afternoon, we asked our hosts for suggestions regarding places to dine.  They suggested they would come along and join us at one of their favourite dining spots in the Adelaide Hills. It turned out to be a wonderful experience in a place we would never have been able to find by ourselves.  The quality of food was superb and the views breathtaking.  Those poor people at the Hilton or on cruise liners!  There is just no substitute for staying like this with people who know their area and are proud to show it off.

The next two nights, we stayed with a wonderful couple in the Barossa Valley, famous for its wonderful vineyards.  Again, only affordable travel enabled us to enjoy this fabulous area and savour the best shirazes we have had anywhere. 


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