Saturday, October 22, 2011

Imagine.... $20 a day to see the world!




That's what The Affordable Travel Club offers for only $20 a night, breakfast included!
The idea is that you join the club at about $60 a year and then select someone from the
membership list who is willing to host you.  The basic rate is $20 a night, breakfast is offered
and your host will spend at least an hour with you to help you get oriented. It is expected that
you will not overstay your welcome, the limit is usually 4 days, unless a more extensive stay
has been negotiated.  In most cases, people tend to more generous in their welcome with the
result that wonderful, lasting friendships develop.  Of course, you may get an email or phonecall  from someone who asks you to host a visit.  Friends of ours are presently on a wonderful vacation down-under who are enjoying the hospitality of friendly, welcoming Austrlians.   Can you think of a more wonderful, affordable way to travel and see the world?

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