Monday, October 24, 2011

Why would anyone bother....?
Why would anyone living in Paris or London want to come to humble little Brantford?   The anwer is  "you would be surprised how many!"   You would be surprised to see the list of people from world cities who would love to visit.  Since joining the home exchange network we've had enquiries from Paris, St. Petersburg, Helsinsky, Dehli, Istanbul, Amsterdam  and other exotic locations about a possible exchange with us in "humble little Brantford".  The point is that we have things to offer which others would love to experience.  The point is too that we, living in these humble little places,  tend to underestimate their appeal.  


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  1. I live in a humble, little place too. As a hostess for a hospitality site for Esperanto-speakers (Pasporta Servo), I've had visitors from many different countries. Ok, I live 15 kms from Copenhagen, but even then my guests enjoy the peace and quiet in my neighbourhood.